For passengers on international flights departing from China

What are the specific rules for hand baggage allowance?

Answer: This information is intended to be a guide. Airlines have differnet regulations for hand luggage allowance, so always check with the airline you will be using for their specific regulations.

Generally, for economy class passengers, you may take one item of hand baggage which should be less than 20×40×55 centimeters (8×16×22 inches). The total weight should be no more than 5 kg (11 pounds). The first class and the business class passengers may have two items of hand baggage and total weight should be limited in 8 kg (17.6 pounds). Some airlines, like the Northwest Airlines of America, allow passengers take as much as 18 kg (40 lb) for hand luggage.

What is the regulation toward free checked luggage?

Answer: Airlines have different regulations toward free checked luggage, and most are based on passengers’ destinations and cabin classes. Some low-cost airlines, however, do not offer free checked luggage, and passengers have to pay for each piece of checked luggage. So remember to check with your arlines for detailed regulations when booking tickets. Here is the regulation of most airlines:

Flights to countries other than US and Canada

Cabin Class Total weight limit
First Class (F) 40 kilograms (88 pounds)
Business Class (C) 30 kilograms (66 pounds)
Economy Class (Y) 20 kilograms (44 pounds)
Flights for US and Canada (reckoned by piece):

Cabin Class Maximum number of items Maximum size of each item Maximum weight of each item
First Class (F) Two pieces 62 inches
(158 centimeters) 32 kilograms (70 pounds)
Business Class (C) Two pieces 62 inches
(158 centimeters) 32 kilograms (70 pounds)
Economy Class (Y)
(cut-price airfare tickets holders included) Two pieces 62 inches
(158 centimeters);
Sum of two can not exceed 273 centimeters (107 inches) 23 kilograms (51 pounds)
The above stipulation is applied to passengers holding adult tickets or children tickets.
Notice: Ensure that your luggage is not overweight, especially on flights to US and Canada, as the additional charge can be quite high.

Check-in at the international flight counters
Check-in at the international flight counters Can an infant tickets holder enjoy free checked luggage?
Answer: Yes. For flights to countries other than US and Canada, the limitation for infant tickets holder is 10 kg (22 pounds). As for length, width and height neither should exceed 115 centimeters (45 inches). For flights to US and Canada, only one piece of luggage can be checked for free, the sum of its length, width and height should be less than 115 centimeters (45 inches). In addition, a pushchair or bassinet can be checked for free.

Can I put valuables in the checked luggage?

Answer: No, valuables should be placed in your hand baggage. If you place valuables in the checked baggage, the airline will only provide compensation within the rules applying to standard luggage.

The following items should not be packed in checked luggage:

  1. Important documents and commercial documents
  2. Securities
  3. Jewelry and currency
  4. Valuable metal and its products
  5. Valuable calligraphy and paintings
  6. Travel documents such as visa, passport
  7. Frangible things and perishable things
  8. Electronic products, calculators etc
  9. Personal stereo, mobile phones, hardware and computer software
  10. Prescription medicines to be taken at a regular interval that may occur during your flight Note: Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is banned on all flights in China and many other countries including USA, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore, even if the device is turned off. Note: The following items can be treated as luggage which the sum of its length, width and height does not exceed 158 centimeters (45 inches) no matter what sizes they are in when flying to US or Canada:
  11. A sleeping bag or bedding
  12. A haversack
  13. A pair of skis with ski poles and ski boots, or skis with ski boots
  14. A caddie bag with a golf club and shoes
  15. A duffel bag or B-4 type bag
  16. A well-packed bicycle
  17. A standard water ski or an obstacle water ski
  18. Well packed fishing gear
  19. Sporting guns
  20. Any portable instruments less than 100 centimeters (39 inches) in length