China Weather features a distinct continental monsoon climate, characterized by cold winter and hot summer in general. As the rich China climate, the weather in China differs from region to region by different Temperature Zones, according to the diverse landforms.

  • Tropical Monsoon Zone: defined by annual accumulated temperature gets to 8000°C or up, the Tropical Zone region has rare cold days and the rainy season is concentrated, such as Hainan Province. The lowest temperature of year is no less than 5°C, and the average temperature in the coldest month is no less than 15°C, which is the pleasant to go in winter.
  • Subtropical Monsoon Zone: featuring the extreme temperature between summer(>=25°C averagely) and winter(0-15°C in coldest month), the weather in South and Southeast China are largely affected, result in four distinct seasons of warm spring, hot& rainy summer, cool autumn and cold winter of less snow and rain.
  • Temperature Monsoon Zone: affected by the monsoon, the winter is cold and dry and summer is hot and rainy. Cities of Jinan, Qingdao, Wuhan, Shanghai, etc. are in the zone and shares many chilly days and the temperature in coldest month is below zero. While in summer, the weather is warm with comfortable temperature.
  • Temperate Continental Zone: located in the inland, such as Inner Mongolia and the north of Xinjiang, with influenced less by ocean, it is dry and less rain in whole year. The temperature changes large in different seasons of burning hot summer and severe cold winter.
  • Alpine-cold Zone: normally referring to the high elevation mountains area, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is the best representative. Due to the elevation, this zone features low temperatures all year round.