What are the procedures for a foreigner entering China through a port of entry?

Answer: Health Check, Frontier Inspection, Custom declaration, Security Check.

What certificates should I prepare when entering China?

Answer: A valid passport and visa are required for an individual to enter China. Usually the airline/ship will give each passenger an entry card and a customs declaration form to fill out prior to arrival. These, together with other necessary credentials and documents, are needed when entering through the open ports.
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Can I drive my own car into China?

Answer: Yes. But foreigners arriving by car are required to enter the country through their pre-approved port of entry. Upon arrival, valid passports, visas and related documents are required to be handed in and verified by customs authorities.

What kind of person is not allowed to enter China?

Answer: The following personnel are prohibited from entering China:

  1. People who have broken Chinese laws and others who were expelled and have not been permitted to re-enter China.
  2. Known or suspected terrorists and those who engage in violent and subversive activities.
  3. Known or suspected dealers in contraband, drug trade, or prostitution.
  4. People who suffer from serious mental disorders, infectious tuberculosis or other infectious diseases that may severely jeopardize the public.
  5. People who cannot afford the cost of their stay.
  6. People who are known or suspected to engage in activities that are harmful to China’s social order and national security.
  7. Those who do not hold valid passports, visas and other credentials.
  8. Those who hold stolen, forged or altered passports, visas and credentials.
  9. Those who refuse to have their credentials and documents checked.
  10. Those who are forbidden to enter China by the Ministry of Public Security of China and the Ministry of State Security. Are there any specific requirements towards health according to the Entry Regulation? Answer: Yes. Those who came from yellow-fever infected areas must show valid vaccination certificates to the inspection and quarantine authorities and those who suffer from serious mental disorder, infectious pulmonary tuberculosis, or other infectious disease of public health hazards are prohibited from entry.
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    Yes, you have to. According to the regulation, foreigners entering or transiting in China have the symptoms of fever, chill, emesis, jaundice, diarrhea, acute measles, swollen lymph or diseases like AIDS, venereal disease, psychosis, leprosy, psychosis, open tuberculosis should report to the inspection & quarantine officials upon entry and accept check-up. What if there is a case of plague or cholera on my vessel or aircraft by which I travel to China?
    China customs strictly prevents plague and cholera victims from entering China. The incubation period of plague is 6 days and 5 days for cholera. Once any plague or cholera has been identified upon arrival, the quarantine authority would place him/her in isolation. If there has been a cholera case on board within 5 days (plague case within 6 days), all crew and passengers are considered as suspected cases, they should accept check-up detention till the 5th/6th day counting from the day they left the contaminated place.