Safety is especially important when traveling, so that nothing unforeseen will dampen your spirits. Besides traffic safety, other aspects as follows need your special attention when travel in China.

Overall, China is safe to travel to, but crime rates vary depending on the area of the country. Some cities are very safe, while in some there are areas that are best avoided, but in general, you should be wary of petty theft and look closely after your belongings which will minimize the chances of anything going wrong.

Taxis can be unsafe in China, because it is filled with unlicensed taxi vehicles that don’t use meters and might try to rip you off. Always negotiate everything in advance and never pay upfront. Transportation stations are also risky, as they are known to attract criminals, often at the ticket booth, as do overnight train cars and Trans-Siberian express lines.

There is high risk of pickpockets in China. They frequently operate in packs by having one member distract you while another steals your wallet or purse. Take extreme caution when in China, be twice as vigilant in Chine as you’d be anywhere else – don‘t leave anything valuable in your back pockets. If you do encounter a pickpocket, be very loud in order to attract attention and, hopefully, the police. Thieves in China also tend to operate in restaurants, so keep your bag on your lap.


There are threats from earthquakes happening, but they are typical for non-tourist areas. In southern parts of China, especially around Yangtze river, there’s a risk of flooding or landslides due to heavy rain during the rainy season. Other risks are typhoons along the southern and eastern coastlines, and extremely high air pollution.


China on the whole is extremely safe. Crime against foreigners is rare, and violent crime, and incidents such as mugging and rape, against foreigners is extremely rare.


Terrorists are likely to try to carry out attacks in China. Even though foreigners haven’t been targeted, these attacks may be executed in places frequented by visitors. You should take particular care during national holidays. Most attacks take place in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region and, according to the Chinese government, are carried out by Uyghur separatists with possible links to the East Turkestan Islamic Movement


Like in any other tourist destination, China is a place where there it’s likely you’ll get scammed or someone will try to scam you. It is actually extremely likely. Have your wits with you and double check your change or try to use small bills.

Women Travelers Risk: Low

China is safe for solo women travelers. Just use your common sense and be aware of your surroundings at all times. Avoid wearing purses and do not walk alone or ride in taxis at night.