“X” means “unknown” and “infinite”, and “X” also means “goal” and “hope”,double growth, cooperation and perfect combination. This is the spirit of “XLAB”.
Five secret rooms with different themes are combined into Castle shapes with various geometric figures to form a huge and unique “Rubik’s Cube Castle” for you to enjoy. MR. X (Mr. X) implants cutting-edge electronic technology, physical and mechanical movement, installation art, architecture, astronomy, chemistry and other elements into the secret room. Only with the combination of wisdom and skill can you escape from the sky. At the same time, it will bring you unexpected surprises.
In order to allow the players to experience the surreal reality, the creative team moved the scenes of novels, movies and cartoons into the secret room, and all the props on the scene were made by using antique improved Seiko to create a European nostalgic old house with rich texture.

Opening hour:10:00am-3:00am

Ticket: RMB100-RMB120

Quxi road is near building 1, phase 3, no.8 bridge, no. 550, gumen road, Huangpu District (former Luwan District), Shanghai.

Visitors can get there by bus or subway
By bus:No.146,253,109,730,23,18
By subway: line 4/8″South Xizang Road” station, exit 4
line 4: “Luban Road” station exit 1
Popular Attractions:
1.Room1(Level 2) Final Judgment:this is a door made by science fanatics, and no one knows what’s over there.Maybe it’s a door to rebirth or it’s a vault.This mystery has yet to be explored by you.A vandal can’t get out, at least a demolition expert can.Suggest to bring your own explosives and compensation.
Key points: team spirit and agility
2.Room2(Level 3) Angel Island:mysterious automated prisons, unknown wardens and legends of robots are ready for you.Wear good protective gear and do not do dangerous actions.
Key point:think quickly and carefully
3.Room3(Level 4)Concentration Camp:Mr.X was known to the world as a brilliant eccentric, so he became a subject of study for the German army.They wish they could be as smart as Mr.X.However, Mr.X finally escaped from this secret concentration camp with the only goods and information around him.Wear good protective equipment, exercise good body, avoid princess wind.The women’ s team please cherish the opportunity to seek butler’s help or choose to challenge in another room.
Key point:Courage and skill
4.Room4(Highest Level)Pupil of the Eye:This is the place where the devil and the angel once fought. Although the devil was defeated, his resentment still dominated the room and time was distorted.The future, the past and the future are all mixed in a fragmented space, and everything in the world is in chaos.You need to use your imagination, and the closer you are, the further away you are from the truth.
Key point:To open the eye you must learn to use the philosopher’s stone
5.Room5(the second-highest Level)Mysterious Night:in addition to the player to have enough wisdom, but also the tacit understanding of the players.
On the weekends, it’s probably the most relaxing thing to get together, play games, drink and talk.It is because of the challenge, the players will be happy to escape the chamber of secrets.
So we’re waiting for you!